Teen Patti Sequence

Teen Patti game is very famous and interesting in the world of Gambling. Casino is the most preferred among Teen Patti game players. It is also known as 'flush' or 'flash'. Also, Teen Patti is also known as Indian Poker.

Teen Patti game rules and ways to play it

The Teen Patti sequence is very popular among professional gamblers. In this, the dealer gives three leaves one by one to all the players in turn. After this, the betting starts from here by the players in this game. You can place bets without seeing your leaf, which is called playing blind. Playing blind makes the three-leaf game risky. In this, a condition is that the player who plays the blind has to bet twice as much as the players who have seen their leaves. This is why three-leaf games are considered risky.

Teen Patti Game Sequences

Trail or Set (three of same rank)- This is the largest sequence in Teen Patti game. If you have this sequence, then no one can stop you from winning the bet. It has only three leaves of one rank, which is known as the trail. The largest set in the trail and set is of 'AAA' while the smallest set is of '222'.

Pure sequence- This is the largest sequence in the Teen Patti after the trail. This set is called pure sequence because all three leaves are of the same color. In this sequence, the largest set is of 'AKQ' while the smallest set is of '234'.

Sequence(or run)- It is only slightly different from pure sequence. The sequence under it is the same, just the colors of the leaves are different. This sequence also has the largest leaf 'AKQ' and the smallest leaf '234'.

Color- There is no continuous sequence of leaves under it, only the colors of the three leaves are the same. This is the reason why this sequence is named color. It has the largest leaf 'AKJ' and the smallest leaf '235'.

Pair(two cards of same rank)- Under this, 2 of the three leaves are identical, hence, this sequence is named pair. It has the largest leaf 'AAK' and the smallest leaf 223.

High Card- This is the weakest and shortest sequence in Teen Patti game. It has the largest leaf 'AKJ' and the smallest leaf '532'.

Biggest Sequence of Teen Patti

As you all know that the Trail is the largest sequence of three leaves but there is also a Trail which is bigger and stronger than all other Trail. If a player gets it, then his chances of winning become hundred percent. And this trail is 'AAA'.

Playing blind in Teen Patti game

Teen Patti players are well acquainted with the word 'blind'. This is one of the ways in this game that makes Teen Patti game interesting and risky. After the dealer gives the leaf to all the players, when the player makes his claim without seeing his leaf, it is called playing blind in the Teen Patti game. The most interesting thing in this is that if a player moves after seeing his leaf, he has to double the stake played blind, then only he can remain in the game. This is why playing blind in Teen Patti game is considered risky.

Make sure to choose the side show option

In the Teen Patti game, it is not that you win only after the strong leaf comes, even after the weak leaf comes, there are many ways in this game that you can increase your chances of winning. One such way in Teen Patti is the 'side show'. Under this, two players show their leaves to each other and make a compromise. The player who has a weak leaf gets out of the game by folding his leaf, by doing this you help the player win after which you get some part of the money won.

Walk your hand

Players in Teen Patti often walk their bets after watching their sequence. If the sequence is large then the player places his bets and increases it slowly and vice versa, when the sequence is small or weak, it gets packed and thus he gets out of the game. But some players keep their bets even after a weak sequence.

Pack and Fold

If you feel that your sequence is weak and it cannot win you, then in this situation it is best that you get packed. It gives you the benefit that your money is not wasted in vain.

Thus, there are so many sequences in Teen Patti games. You may or may not have a set of one of these sequences. Similarly, there are many interesting rules of Teen Patti which we have just discussed and you can win by adopting any of them.