How to play Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is the most popular game, which is made by 3 Card Brag.

Learning to play Teen Patti online is a lot easier than learning to play in a land-based casino or with friends. In this guide, we have brought you all the information like three leaf rules, different cards, bets, deposits and withdrawal.

Some steps to play Teen Patti online

  1. Choose a casino to sign up and deposit your first deposit
  2. Choose a three leaf table
  3. Choose your ante and potential side
  4. Get your cards and decide whether to play or fold.
  5. If you play, look at the dealer's cards, because your win or lose depends on the dealer's card itself.

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Teen Patti rules

Three leaf rules in India are simple; You should have a better hand from the bus dealer and ensure your victory.

Teen Patti is played with a 52 card deck, and the dealer plays only one hand that has a queen or better card.

The rules of this game are absolutely straight; You have to defeat the dealer's card. You will get three cards, you will want those cards to make a good sequence.

If your card is better than the dealer's, you will win.

Yes, it really is that easy! With the help of continuous practice you can learn which cards are the best in playing so that you know what to take care of while playing.

Game result

Both Ante and Play pay 1: 1. Ante bonuses and side bets pay differently depending on the hands mentioned on the table.

Is it legal to play Teen Patti?

According to Indian gambling law, Teen Patti is considered a game of chance. This means that you will only find sports legally legal in states where sports are legal such as Goa and Sikkim.

Public Gaming Act, 1867, Online casino Does not prohibit individuals from playing. The condition of all is simply that the casino should not be present in India.

Hand of three leaves

The foundation of Teen Patti is poker, which means that there are many ways that help play the game in various exciting ways. Among the wide range of commonly available three leaf variations, these are some of the most popular.

Mini Royal: Suited Ace, King, and Queen

straight flush : Three consecutive cards of the same type. Also known as paved rounds or pure sequences.

Three of Kind: Three cards of the same rank. The best hand of the game, also known as a trio or trail.

Strait : Three consecutive cards of different types. Also known as a "normal run" sequence.

Flush : Three cards in the same suit. The cards need to be compared among themselves, and the one with the highest value sequence card wins.

Pair: Two to three cards in the same rank card. They do not have to be in the same sequence.

high card: If no other sequence is created, it is the highest-ranking card that will count for a possible win.

How to win in Teen Patti

To win in Teen Patti, you will need a better hand from the dealer. To know which hand is better, you need to learn to play Teen Patti.

If your hand is three of kind and the dealer has a straight, you win. Conversely if you have no combination and the dealer has a straight hand.

It is possible to win even without the best hand, but for this the side bet features are used, which we will talk about further.

Betting interface

The betting interface that you can use while playing for real money is shown on the table on Teen Patti.

Typically, you have four betting sections: Ante, Play, Pair or Better, and 3 + 3 Bonuses. Some tables, especially the RNG-versions (Random Number Generator), only have ante and play, which reduces your chances of winning big.

The interface can show a live chat, as well as a digital preview of the card, letting you know if you have a winning combination.


Ante Betting has a mandatory bet. If you want to participate in sports, then you have to put this bet. This can be seen as the price you have to pay to see your card. Live tables are best when you learn to play Teen Patti online, as they always show your cards.

On some RNG-tables, you can choose to play "Blind" by not seeing your card.


If the cards you delt are good, you can choose to play them against the dealer. This is done by placing a play bet.

This bet will always double Ante's bet when playing Teen Patti live in India. This helps you decide whether you need a digital preview of your card in the betting interface.

If you have a combination it will notify you.

However, you will need to monitor the rank of the combination.

Pair or better

As the name itself suggests, the side bet payer or better will pay if you have a pair or better on hand. The interesting thing about this kind of bet in Teen Patti is that even if you do not decide to place a play bet, you will remain in the game! Of course, it is very rare that you do not play your hand, if its value is good, but you should keep this in mind while playing.

3 + 3 bonus

The 3 + 3 bonus is the same as the 6 card bonus in 3 card poker. This side bet will use the cards from both you and the dealer to create the best 5-card poker hand.

This side bet is one of the greatest potential; This is the most important bet when learning to play Teen Patti.

A Royal Flush Active with this bet pays up to 1000: 1 in a big way! In other words, this is the kind of bet that can instantly make you a millionaire if your son is 10,000 or more!

Table layout

As soon as you sit on the real money Teen Patti table, one thing you will notice is that this table is very clean.

On a casino site online Teen Patti you have to play against the dealer, not against other players, so there are usually only six card spots in the table, three for you and three for the dealer. Some tables also refer to the rule of a dealer who has a queen or even better hands to play.

Deposit and withdraw money

Completely Teen Patti in online casinos Secure and fast transactions are essential for you to enjoy. The best casinos available are the latest and most reliable payment options in India.

As soon as you want to transact, you'll realize why Teen Patti Online is better than its brick-and-mortar version.

Usually, you have to leave the table to do this, but while playing online, you can top up your account, or wither your winnings while on the table!

This is done using some of the most secure payment methods in the world, which means that you can use your investment without any fear.


While playing this card game one needs to deposit fast, and we find that Paytm works best in this.

Paytm One Local Indian Payments The medium is. It is used for many online payments including deposit and extract money in online casinos in the country.

This method is easy to use, it is fast, and most importantly it is completely safe.

Google pay

Google Pay is similar to Paytm. This mobile-based payment method is used by millions of people worldwide, and is available on Android and iOS devices. Pure Casino is a gambling site that uses this method. You can enjoy their site in a total of five different Indian local languages including English.

Play for free

If after reading this guide you are still feeling a little hesitant to play for real money then you can start playing for free. All new players who sign up to JungleRaj get 500 bonuses for playing. And, as you might guess, you can use these to play Teen Patti! There are also RNG-versions of this game that allow playing games for Fun-Money. Just remember, you do not get any benefit by winning Fun Money. Instead when you play for Real Money and win Real Money, believe us, it will be a lot more fun!