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Lightning Roulette is an innovative hybrid between a live table and an RNG-table, and has been a massive success since its release in 2018. The table has since won several awards, and in 2019, the "First Person Lightning Roulette" version was released.

Players place bets on a live table, after which the multipliers are randomly added to a random number of wheel slots.
With enhanced RNG gameplay, Lightning Roulette is an extended version of the casino classic, giving players more than what they expected.

It includes all common features, with additional components such as high-paying lucky numbers and lucky pay-outs. And in addition, the live dealer will also be with you to place bets.


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In online casinos, unlike land-based casinos, Lightning Roulette can be played by virtually unlimited players, with massive multiplayer scalability. And with HD live video, you'll feel like you're playing in a land-based casino.

Evolution Gaming has repeatedly proved that they are the masterminds of live casino entertainment.

Lightning Roulette offers you the chance to play a minimum wager of £ 0.20 per spin, allowing everyone to join. The game also offers a stats option where if you want to play with a strategy, you can see the final winning number. And you also have the option to switch your video so that you can talk to the dealer and other players through the live chat option.

Difference between Lightning and Regular Roulette

So, what is the Live Lightning Roolet so unique?

The game is played using the European roulette-format, meaning that it has only a green pocket and easy betting options.

The major difference is the multiplier feature. Each new game round of Lightning Roulette randomly selects the number of roulette that is combined with a multiplayer!

How does this work

This game is played just like any ordinary roulette; All regular bet options are available to you. Its difference lies in the bets placed on straight-up numbers.

All bets qualify directly for the multiplier win.

Once after betting, five different wheel numbers are selected randomly. Then these numbers are given multipliers of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x or 500x.

If a bet is placed on a winning multiplier number, it pays out directly, which will be multiplied with the associated multiplier!

Example: You have placed Straight 1000 straight-up bets at number 21. Your number collides with Lightning and is multiplied with a 300x multiplier. The ball is dropped to the wheel and lands on 21! your payment? ₹ 90 lakhs together!

Table payout

Where a regular European roulette table pays 36: 1 for straight bets winning, Live Lightning Roulette pays 30: 1 instead. A straight-up bet is the only bet that has a lower payout than the classic roulette. The reason for this is to maintain the balance of the game without giving the player too much edge.

How to become a part of Lightning multiplayer

Talking about multipliers as mentioned, it is about straight-up bets.

You can still place all other types of bets such as corner, split, red / black, odd / even, etc., but they will not qualify for multiplier wins.

To get the most out of your Lightning Roulette experience, playing on straight-up bets is recommended. Just be sure to play carefully.

Bets placed directly on numbers have large amounts of rupees payment Has the ability to do. However, they are also bets that have the lowest RTP of all roulette bets.

Make sure you read the online casino terms and conditions before playing. Some Indian gambling venues do not allow low-risk gameplay, which in some instances involves betting on all numbers in the roulette.

It does not matter where you are, just log in and play with your computer or mobile device.

Lightning Roulette Betting Strategies

Like any other casino game, there are many strategies of betting with the rulet - one of the world's most famous (and favorite) table games. A betting strategy is essentially a pattern of such a method or betting that you can follow which will either tell you or how to make your bets (where) or how to apply.

There are so many ways to play every classic casino game, and you will find that many people will ask you to play a lot of different ways. Everyone thinks that their method is the best - but that is another subject that can be covered in psychology lectures. In poker, for example, you can play 'tight', 'loose', 'aggressive' or 'passive'; You can bluff, or you can just focus on math! In the end it's just about numbers! In blackjack, you can remember to follow the chart, so that you know when to fold, hit, stand, split, or double according to the card you have on hand.

In the rulet, there are many different betting strategies that are related to the recovery of loss instead of playing the actual game. An example will be a progressive betting system. For example, if you bet on something like Red / Black, Ods / Eve or Lo / High and you lose, in the next round you will double your wager to lose, and similarly redeem damage There are also other complex strategies!

On the other hand, there are some strategies that Roulette Are intended to help players maximize their winnings. The purpose of these strategies is to cover as much of the wheel as possible so that the player using the strategy has a greater chance of getting paid with each round. These include 'Double Street Quad Strategy' and 'Five Quad Strategy'.

Best Lightning Roulette Casino - Where to Play Lightning Roulette

If you think you have found your lighting roulette strategy, why not go to a real casino and play for real money? We found the top casinos where you can play it for real money. You can read reviews of the best Lightning Roulette casinos and read about their bonuses. All the casinos we recommend are verified and licensed and offer the best casino bonuses and promotions!