LottoLand (Lotto) India Review Casino Review 2020

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Published: 04/12/2020

LottoLand (Lottoland) India review

LottoLand Lottery Of for from all Popular The site

LottoLand is the most popular site for international lotteries. Lotoland Asia offers the best facilities to domestic players.

On this online lottery site, you can find unlimited Indian lottery promotions, best international lotteries, Indian lotteries and more.

Lottoland (Lottoland) Asia Of review

Before we share your review about it, we would like to tell about its background so that you can understand the basic idea behind this great lottery website.

Lotoland began its operation in 2013 in the small British province of Gilbraltar. Its founding team consisted of 7 employees but now has more than 350 staff members who are part of their international team. They believe that hard work always pays off. In addition, he has created a dedicated site for Indian players called Lottoland Asia. The site showcases his dedication to Indian players who provide him with the best service available.

The official Lotto of Asia is the currency of Asia, they have a lotto game completely dedicated to India and a blog where they post the latest news about the Indian lottery.

What lottoland play Of for Safe is ?

You always need to be careful when you play online games, no matter what the game is. Because even though most of the people in the world are good but there are some people who misuse the trust and do not leave a chance to bother people.

For this reason, we are always very careful when recommending lottery sites. We thoroughly examine every aspect of each site so that we can talk about any site with complete confidence.

Some of the main aspects, which we decide only after doing special investigation, are that the lotto website is safe or not, these are:

  1. License - This shows that a government body has seriously investigated the company.
  2. Offline presence - Collaboration or sponsorship with other companies shows the trust of those companies on the lottery site.
  3. Security certificate - protects all your data and personal information from outside threats like hackers.

First of all we will talk the most important point, licensed. Lotoland has been licensed to Gilbralter, Sweden, Italy, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa.

For an offline presence, he sponsored an arena at Brookvale Oval in Australia. Chris Tarant which is "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" Has been hosting for a long time, it has been its brand sponsor since 2014.

LottoLand uses AlphaSSL to protect all your personal data. Each information you enter at this lottery site is protected by multiple layers of encryption. You do not have to worry about your information such as card number, theft,!

So, we can say with complete confidence that Lottoland can be trusted.

Lottoland (Lottoland) Welcome Bonus

If you like Welcome Bonus, then there is good news for you.

Lottoland has now made its Welcome Bonus bigger than before.

Not only that, you can double your chances of winning in Powerball - the lottery with the world's biggest jackpot!

Buy 1 Powerball ticket at Lottoland and get 1 free!

You can also expect more promotions as the best lottery sites constantly update their promotions and bonus offers.

Apart from the Lotoland welcome bonus, you can also enjoy promotions like 10% discount on the following international lottery tickets:

This offer is valid for one ticket and is available only once. You can try your luck by trying all these.

But to get the latest information about all these offers, you have to create an account on this site and sign up for the newsletter. You will get a personalized promotion based on the normal bonus for all those you play.

For deposit bonus and free lottery tickets, you have to pay attention to its newsletter.

If you deposit more than INR 8000 you will get a top-up bonus of 3%.

And Withdrawal

There are 5 different ways to deposit in Lotto:

Bank Wire Transfer

The minimum deposit amount in Lottoland is 300 and the minimum withdrawal amount is € 20 (approximately minimum 1600). However the good thing is that you can withdraw as much money as you want.

Deposits will be reflected in your account immediately while withdrawals can take up to 14 business days.

They never charge you for deposits or withdrawals, but your bank can charge. So avoid bank wire transfer if possible.

Although bitcoin is not accepted, but you can still play bitcoin lottery such as 'bitcoin jackpot'.

Payout is very simple but you have to give some documents to Lottoland so that they can give you money legally.

You will need to send them these things:

It is important that you ensure that you fill India as your place of residence while creating your account.

Lottoland can only pay to banks in the same country in which you live.

Loyalty The program And Campaign

The Lottoland Loyalty Program is known as 'The Millionaire Club'. They believe in rewarding their players for loyalty and the level of your membership, your vetting, your activism and when you last bet was all these things.

Depending on how much you play, you will be placed in one of the following VIP groups:

VIP Program Of Benefit

Now let's talk about the most interesting part, what do you get in your loyalty award! Once you qualify for The Millionaire Club, you will immediately receive a welcome bonus, weekly offers and promotions, free spins for the casino, and bonuses.

You will also get these facilities as well:

  1. A personal account manager
  2. Special promotions and offers
  3. Gifts for special occasions
  4. VIP Prize Draw

Not only this, you also get a chance to reach the exclusive VIP section of Lotoland. There you can get the latest information about high rollers and also play specific games.

Casino sport

Even though the main focus of Lotto is on the lottery, they Casino game Also provide. Sometimes during the draw time you feel a little bit of sack and if you want some quick thrills then this is what you get from these games.

In Lottolands you can take Mon Springs to any unique slot and also enjoy poker hands. Not only this, you can also enjoy Roulette or Blackjack games at regular online casinos or live casinos!

We are sure that you will definitely get your favorite game while you are waiting for your next important draw.

Online Slot

if you Lottery And if you like slots then this is the best place for you. This lottery site offers over 300 different slots!

You can find video slot games from well-known providers like NetEnt, Big Time Gaming and MicroGaming. Some slots that are highly commendable are provided by Quick Spin and Yggdrasil. The lottery players usually like the most is the jackpot slot.

Table And Video Poker game

You also find over 30 different table games in Lottoland. The best thing is the wide range of sports. You can also enjoy Blackjack or Texas Hold'em games and then enjoy some exciting Roulette play!

There are other types of poker such as three card poker and Caribbean stud poker.

If you like roulette, you will be happy to read that they have more than 10 types of roulette games available! some examples are:

* - Lottoland Exclusive

You can also enjoy popular game show games like Dream Catcher and Deal or No Deal.

Live casino

If you don't like slots or table games, Lottoland also has a live casino! They do not provide too many games in table games, but then you will find a favorite.

Lottoland Live The casino in available from all Popular sport Huh:

  1. Roulette Live
  2. Blackjack Live
  3. Casino Holdem
  4. Live bacart


All the famous international lotteries are available to play in the Lotoland Lottery section.

Some examples are: Famous American mega-jackpot games such as Mega Millions and Powerball, but you can also find the largest European jackpots such as Eurojackpot and EuroMillions.

You can play over 30 best international lotteries on their lottery page!

Lottery On The stakes

Unlike many other lottery websites, Lottoland is not a lotto agent. Rather they allow you to place bets on lottery results.

This means that you buy the same tickets as always, the only difference being that you have a Lottoland ticket but not an official lottery ticket.

Now, this may sound a little bad but it is actually better. If you buy a lottery ticket with a regular lotto agent, you have much less time to buy your ticket before the draw because the lotto agent has to go out and then buy a ticket for you.

On the other hand, with Lottoland, you can buy your ticket anytime. You can place a bet up to 1 minute before the draw and still place a bet for the jackpot, the same cannot be said about other lottery websites.

Jackpot Payout

Since they do not buy official tickets, you do not get paid from that lottery on winning which you bet. However, Lotlands pays with your money, therefore there is nothing to worry about.

They have insurance that covers all big payments so that you can always get your prize, even if you win the biggest lottery jackpot! Bankruptcy also cannot stop you from getting your won amount!

In 2018 he paid € 90 million to a 36-year-old German woman. The payout was record-breaking and Guinness World Records recognized it as the "largest online gambling payout". So there is no need to worry about payment, in fact, their CEO even claimed that they are now eager to break the record again! Just imagine being one of the biggest online lottery jackpot winners! Not only will they pay your jackpot but they will gladly do so!

He has paid over 600 crore rupees to his players worldwide.

Cricket Lotto

Cricket Lotto is a 5/49 lottery game designed specifically for the Indian market.

Only players with an Indian account can go to Lotoland Asia and buy a cricket lotto ticket.

You can enjoy Cricket Lotto every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at Indian Standard Time.

The minimum jackpot on Cricket Lotto is 3,6 crores but the players have won more than 73 crores.

You just have to buy a ticket of 80 rupees to play.

You can also choose additional features like:

Number Defender - It protects its number to 40. With your numbers being preserved you get the full jackpot amount, even if others have the same number.

Double Jackpot - It is similar to its name. Double your jackpot.

Extra Innings - You can add one more draw to your ticket for just Rs 19 extra. Extra Innings is an extra draw with a jackpot of 18 million!

Win Lotto

Garland Daily

To play Of Different Ways

There are four main ways to play the international lottery in Lotoland. They are:

Single ticket - You buy a ticket (bet) for a draw

Multi-draw - You play on multiple draws

Subscriptions - With membership, you will play on all draws until you cancel your membership. Often there is a good discount.

Syndicates - When you play with a syndicate you connect with many other players on multiple numbers. It works in this way, Lotoland selects a fixed amount of lines, 300 for example. It then decides how many shares the Syndicate will have. Suppose it has 100. You can buy as many shares as you want and each share gives you a percentage of all the wins that get the number. So if you buy 5 shares, you will get 5% of everything to win the syndicate. With number 300 you have a very good chance of winning something good!

Lottoland mobile Application

There are two different free lottery apps available for this. One is for iPhone and the other is for Android.

According to us the best way to play lottery is on your mobile, it is very convenient.

You can enjoy many different benefits such as:

Chance to win millions together

All information about your account and game

Notifications about win and promotion

Checking draw result and winning numbers

Exclusive Mobile Offers and Discounts

If you do not want the app or if you do not have space for any other application now, then there is also a mobile browser lotto website for you.

This desktop version works as well, but I have to say that I like the app. There are some features that make navigation easy and fast.

Customer help

Lottoland customer support has both ups and downs. We will first write about positive things,

Great FAQ - Probably the most comprehensive FAQ which you will ever see. It tells about every aspect.

Live chat - They have an attentive customer support team that is ready to answer you and all your questions.

E-mail - If you do not have an urgent question or you just want to make a suggestion to improve the site, then you are free to email them on Indian e-mail support.

Now these are positive aspects, what about negative?

So its downside is that its live chat is not open 24/7.

If you want to reach a live chat agent, you can do this between 2:30 pm and 3:30 pm Monday to Friday at Indian Standard Time. Live chat is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 2:30 PM to 9:30 PM Indian Standard Time.

Top 5 cause Lottoland On To play Of for

Now that we have talked about each aspect, we have come up with five main points in a nutshell.

So you can try your luck by creating your account once, playing at least once with the help of welcome bonus.