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(IMPS / UPI casinos and gambling sites in India)

Guide to playing in casinos with IMPS / UPI

IMPS (intermediate payment service) and UPI (Unified Payments Interface) may sound new, but the truth is that you have already used this method in your everyday life.

Both methods are managed by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India), and are methods that allow you to enjoy gambling sites easily! IMPS / UPI online casino makes it possible to make fast, secure and free deposits and withdrawals using some of the most popular methods in India.

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Guide to Deposit with IMPS or UPI;

Both UPI and IMPS are ways to pay, but to do this, you also need to use a payment solution that takes your money from your bank account first to these and then to the casino. Google pay, PayTM and PhonePe secure online Casino payout There are all the best ways. See different guides about ways to use them.

What is the difference between UPI and IMPS?

Even though we are mentioning the two methods together, they are not really completely the same, even if their "goal" is the same.

With IMPS, depositing and withdrawing in online casino sites is a bit troublesome. IMPS uses NEFT technology for transactions, which requires both the sender and receiver to have an Indian bank account. Since the casino sites are based outside India for legal reasons, IMPS does not work there.

On the other hand, UPI allows you to transfer between your Indian bank account and a foreign receiver, all you need is a UPI ID (also known as VPA, virtual payment address.).

Online gambling with IMPS / UPI

This payment method has slowly started working on your gambling sites (and by our luck). Today's IMPS / UPI slot sites are much easier to find than a few years ago. Still finding sites where you can gamble with IMPS / UPI is not so easy. This is why we have worked hard for you. The best casino sites are already listed above, but apart from that, we have also prepared answers to the most common questions that players have when using this method for their deposits and withdrawals.

Keep these things in mind when making a deposit;

To ensure the safety of your money while playing, it is necessary to use the same payment method for both money deposits and withdrawals from casinos. In casino cashiers or casinos that have IMPS / UPI, this method is usually called “Net banking", Which means that this is the" method "you use for your transactions.

Question: - Is it free to deposit money with UPI?
Answer: - As long as you do not exceed the transaction limit on the additional payment solution you are using, such as Paytm or PhonePay, your deposit will be 100% free of additional charges.

Question: - Is there a verification process associated with UPI deposit?
Answer: - Online casinos that use IMPS / UPI want you to play quickly and easily and hence they ensure that you do not have to go through any verification process.

Question: - Are instant deposits possible?
Answer:- Yes, of course! You can start playing with your funds immediately, as soon as the deposit steps have been completed. In other words, the process of deposit takes about 2 minutes; Then, you are ready to play!

Question: - When using IMPS or UPI, is there any minimum deposit limit?
Answer: - The minimum deposit amount is fixed by the casino, and this amount may vary depending on the operator. We have reviewed many sites, and most common limits we have seen for the minimum deposit with UPI, it is, 500, 1000, and, 2000.

Question:- When using IMPS or UPI, what is the maximum deposit limit?
Answer: - The maximum amount you will be able to deposit depends on the casino limit, and the UPI limit. Currently, the largest transaction you can do with UPI is 1 lakh, while casinos can have a limit of more or less than this.

Question: - Which Transaction Tool (Paytm, GPAY, Phonepe) is the best with UPI?
Answer: - It depends which tool works best for you. If you are already using one of them for everyday purchases, paying bills, etc., using the same for your casino deposit is easier than learning a completely new tool.

Keep these things in mind while withdrawing money:

Question: - Is it free to withdraw money from UPI?
Answer: - Online casinos have specific terms for withdrawal. Some allow a fixed number of free cashouts, some always charge on withdrawals, while others will never charge you. See the operator's terms and conditions to see what applies to you.

Question: - Is there a verification process associated with UPI Withdrawal?
Answer: - To ensure that the right person is withdrawing funds, you will be asked to verify your account upon withdrawal. Usually, this happens at the time of your first withdrawal, and you will be asked to provide a copy of your ID (Aadhaar Card) and proof of address.

Question: - Is instant withdrawal possible from IMPS / UPI?
Answer: - Also when you need to verify your account or the casino has to double check a big win; Your cashout will be processed as fast as possible.

Question: - What is the minimum withdrawal amount limit?
Answer: - Like minimum deposit, there are no fixed rules on minimum withdrawal. However, there is a very common minimum amount limit on withdrawal of money from IMPS / UPI casino sites at Rs 2000.

: - How do I sign up for IMPS / UPI?
Answer: - Online casinos accepting Imps / UPI Deposit are the best, but you must set and prepare the IMPS or UPI account to use them.

The way you set them up is a bit different than what you're using so far:


  1. Download the UPI app from the App Store, Google Play Store or your bank's website.
  2. Enter your details and create your profile. Name, VPA, Password required details must be filled carefully.
  3. Go to "Add / Link / Manage Bank Account" and connect your virtual ID to your bank account, GPay, Paytm, or PhonePe account.
  4. Log into your casino account, go to the cashier, choose the UPI / Net Banking option, and follow the instructions to register UPI as your fund.


  1. To know about the IMPS service to be added to your account, visit your bank.
  2. Once active, you have to enter your bank account number, base number and MMID number.
  3. Log into your gambling account and fast Deposit and withdrawal Follow the instructions to connect IMPS with them.

How to verify your IMPS / UPI account:

As we have written above, you have to request your bank to use Imps, after its active Verification There is no need for

For UPI you will need to register your payment services provider (known as PSP). Depending on the PSP used, you may have to complete a verification process with them.

One way is to enter your Aadhaar card number in the verification process of PhonePe, while it will be different for Paytm or GPay?

Privacy and privacy

Since NPCI manages IMPS and UPI, they operate under some of the most secure systems.

When it comes to privacy, NPCI is certified with three different ISO-certifications, ISO 27001 for security management systems, ISO 223001 for business continuity management systems, and ISO for quality management systems.

For website SSL encryption, they are using RapidSSL, a certificate issued by RapidSSL CA, owned by Digicort.

This may not make any sense to you, but don't worry, it means they are really safe and care a lot about protecting your information and money.

Company Information

NPCI was established in 2007 under the Payment and Settlement Systems Act. The objective was to create a more concrete structure for India's banking system, keeping NPCI as a "not for profit" company.

The launch of IMPS and UPI has significantly changed the way we fund our online casino accounts.

Today, we can demonstrate fast and secure deposits and withdrawals at our favorite casinos using this method, which shows India as an up and running gaming haven on the map!