Account verification

Although we have been in business for a long time, we will never forget the first experience of verification of our casino account.

Our first thought was "This is a scam!" But we decided to go with it, and then we were surprised when the casino gave a list of documents. It seemed like they wanted to know everything about us, whereas we just wanted to get back the amount we had won.

Today, we know why casinos need to verify players' accounts, and we also know what to do to make this process as easy as possible.

And yes, we can easily withdraw all our won amount.Frequently asked questions related to account verification

How can i verify my account

  1. Take photo or scan of requested document
  2. Upload and send documents via email
  3. Wait for their confirmation to get the document or if they need any other document, wait for them to tell you.

How do I know it's valid?

If you Account This is a valid request if you have received a notification on your casino account to verify. If requested via email, verify the email ID from where it was sent. If you have any doubt, the casino's customer support.

Which documents do I need to send?

A simple account verification is first to confirm your identity. You will be requested to provide all these documents:

Id - Any valid official identification document. Your Aadhaar card is the easiest, but you can also give passport or driving license.

proof of address - A document that shows your name and residential address. A valid document can give a utility bill, bank statement, insurance paper, or any other official document.

Proof of payment method - You have to give the right proof that you are the payment method. The required document will depend on the method used.

TIM ID - In very rare cases, you may have to send a selfie photo of yours, holding your ID next to your face.

How do I send a document?

You can send a document in two different ways, depending on which casino you are playing.

Some casinos, such as LeoVigas, have a verification portal on their website, where you can upload your documents directly. Other operators will need to send you to their email ID.

We prefer the on-site process, as it is faster, easier and more secure than sending sensitive information over email.

When should I send a document:

All Active players will have to verify their account soon or later, but most verification occur when the player requests his first withdrawal.

If your verification process is not complete and you want to do it before you start playing; So you can request to verify your account manually!

Just customer support and tell them that you want to verify your account. They will inform you of the required document, and once you provide it; So your account is fully verified and you are ready to play!

How are my documents handled?

Your document will be reviewed by trained and certified employees of the casino. These are often part of their support, security or payment team.

All documents are stored in encrypted databases, and firewalls used by banks and government bodies are protected by SSL encryption.

Verify the payment methods used in the account

As we mentioned earlier, Online gambling site Sometimes, you have to verify your payment method to ensure that it is yours in real. The type of document will depend on the deposit method used.

Credit / Debit Card: A photo of the card. Only the first 4 and 6 last digits of the card number should be visible, along with the card's expiration date and your name. There is no need to send the back-side of the card unless any necessary details are present there.

E-Wallet (Skrill / MuchBetter / Neteller, etc.): Screenshot of your wallet account when logging in. Your name, your payment method account ID, and the URL of the page (if used in the browser) should be visible.

Bank account (UPI / IMPS / bank transfer, etc.): Recent bank details showing your name and bank logo. In some instances, the casino will require a statement showing transactions made to or from the casino site.

Why do i need to send these documents

The primary reason you need to verify your account by sending the document is that it is required for the operator's license.

Gambling license works to prevent everyone from money laundering to terrorist funding, fraud and identity theft. Part of that work is to confirm that the players are what they say they are.

Although this process may seem annoying, it is just a minor hassle to ensure that you and your money are safe from harm.

Verify that you have not excluded yourself

Online casinos not only verify you to protect you from fraudulent activity, but they also care about your complete security.

If you already have an account with the casino that has been closed due to self-exclusion, you will not be able to play, as the casino follows strict procedures for responsive gambling. If so, understand that they will Will prevent you from playing for your safety.

Ensuring that you are eligible to play legally

Gambling is a sport that only people over the age of 18 should play.

As a matter of fact, if a casino is found allowing minors to gamble with real money, they may face heavy fines or their gambling license may be taken away. It is important to avoid gambling under the age of 18.

How do I know if my document is verified?

Different casinos can process anything from one hour to 12 hours in the verification process.

Typically, your document will be reviewed by a real person, and if they are busy, it will affect the processing time. As soon as your account is verified, you will receive an email confirming the verification.

What is the source of income?

Most players do not have to do the document ever for the source of their income, but if you are a VIP or Hyroller, it is likely that you have to verify at some time.

The source of income is a type of verification that the casino requests when you gamble with a higher amount.

In short, you have to see how you are funding your gambling. If the money comes from your salary, inheritance, winnings at other gambling sites, or elsewhere, the casino will need proof of this.

Why do I have to show the source of income?

This casino license is required for who you are and where the money you are using comes from.

Knowing the source of income used on their gambling site will ensure that the money is not coming from criminal activities.

It is also important for a responsible casino to know the source of your income. Casinos want to know if you can afford to gamble in your own way.

How to get your document verified quickly

While verifying your account, there are some important points that you need to keep in mind for document verification quickly and without any hassle.

Believe us, we have heard horror stories of many players who have been stuck for months to verify their account because they did not send the document correctly.

To ensure that you do not make such a mistake, you follow this checklist and your account will be verified without delay.

Desi Casino Account Verification Checklist

Send valid document - Do not expire the deadline of your ID, and for utility bills and bank details, make sure the documents have been released within the last 3 months, and it shows the date of issue.

Include the entire document - If doing a photo or a scan, make sure all four corners of the document are clean!

Make sure it is clear and readable - Probably that the most common mistake plays to the player's doctor, they send a very ambiguous or blurred photo and they can not be properly verified. Use a digital camera, your webcam, or a mobile camera, and make sure that you send photographs of them are obvious.

Document with details matching your casino account If you have changed your home, or changed your last name, changed your gender, or migrated to another country, you may have to send an additional document. Make sure the details match your account. If they do not match, explain why.

Never create an account with someone else's details - We say this over and over again, a casino account is personal, so use your details when creating it. Using someone else's details will cause you a lot of trouble when the time comes to verify your account.


Ours Casino account Does not face any trouble to verify when it is done correctly; All you have to do is follow our suggestions above.

Remember, an online casino site manages a lot of real money, and to keep you and your wealth safe, they need to know who is using their site.