Gambling Laws in Maharashtra

In Maharashtra in India, online gambling is becoming increasingly popular. Unfortunately, many Indian states including Maharashtra still have very strict and archaic laws related to gambling. Despite the legal scenario, Mumbai has a thriving gambling culture, which is a major contributor to the Rs 11 lakh crore industry. At home casinos, we closely monitor the Indian gambling landscape to ensure that you always have the latest information.


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How to gamble in Maharashtra?

Gambling Law in Maharashtra is easier than gaming in online gambling land-based casinos in Maharashtra. You can ignore local gambling laws and instead Desi Casino I can connect to any online casino site listed here.

These sites are located outside the country and are usually licensed from Malta or Curacao. Since they are not located in India, they do not have to follow the Indian law.

Indian players playing at such gambling venues cannot be prosecuted.

Gambling law in Maharashtra

A very limited selection of games is legal in Maharashtra, and we can already tell you that there is no legally any game you want to play, except maybe Rummy. All games of chance are banned, meaning that you cannot enjoy live casino table games, video slots, jackpot games, game shows, or bingo. From a legal point of view, there are huge loopholes in the laws of Maharashtra, when it comes to online casino games played at Vidasi casinos, which work in favor of homegrown players.

Gambling in Maharashtra Maharashtra Prevention Act, 1887 It is also governed by the Bombay Prevention of Gombing Act, 1887. The state also complies with the Indian Gambling Acts of Public Gaming Act, 1867. Overall, the gambling laws and regulations of Maharashtra are no different from many other states.

In short, running a gaming-house is the most serious crime anyone can commit. Such house visits are also considered an offense, as is participation in locally held events such as gambling or any other form of betting. Only horse racing, lottery and rummy can be legally enjoyed within the state.

Maharashtra Prevention Act, 1887

Although the Maharashtra Prevention Act, 1887, makes it illegal to run a gaming-house, the penalty for this crime is very mild. Penalty for first offense, 200, jail term is one month.

The second time the convict faces a jail term of three months, with a fine of 200.

The third time the convict faces a jail term of six months, but there is no penalty.

These light penales are the main reasons that common gaming house are found in cities like Mumbai.

Changes in gambling law in Maharashtra

As in many states of India, online betting is a very complex issue. Since casinos are illegal, foreign online gambling sites can easily offer gambling to homegrown players.

The Maharashtra government considers online gambling a major problem, and in 2018, they thought of instituting new policies that prohibit online gambling. But some people think gambling is valid.

The casinos in Maharashtra were close to being made legal by the Casino (Control and Tax) Act, 1976, but unfortunately, the law never came into force.

Casino in Mumbai and Pune

Maharashtra's gambling laws are no exception to residents of Mumbai or Pune, but there are other ways to play. Goa is located just a few hours away from Mumbai and Pune, making it much easier to gamble in land-based casinos.

Casino in Nagpur

Residents of Nagpur have to travel quite a long way to Goa. Instead, it becomes easier for them to play at online casinos in Nagpur. The casino sites available to you are tailored to Indians; For example, Pure Casino offers its website in several Indian languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Bengali.

Lottery law in maharashtra

Maharashtra is one of the 13 states in India that allows lotteries to run in accordance with The Lotteries Regulation Act, 1998. Only agents authorized by the Government of Maharashtra can print and sell lottery tickets. Printing and selling tickets without authorization can carry a jail term of up to two years. Those wishing to sell lottery tickets have to register with the Maharashtra Tax Authority. The requirement of tax registration has given rise to some controversy, as the lottery tax rate is very high according to many agents.

For example, as of 2017, the authorized private lottery became subject to a 28 percent tax. Lottery ticket agents participated in a two-day strike in August 2017 to protest this tax rate.

Sports betting in Maharashtra

Cricket is the most popular sport in Maharashtra, which many people want to wager on the match, yet this type of betting is illegal there.

The Public Gaming Act, 1867, condemns sports betting of any kind with the exception of betting on horse racing. Although it is illegal to place bets on sports locally, this law can easily be circumvented by betting in an online casino.

Operators based outside India are not affected by Indian law, so that you can use them for safe and secure sports betting.

Horse racing in maharashtra

As per the Bombay Race Course Licensing Act, 1912, betting on horse racing is legal in Maharashtra.

Like many other states, horse racing is considered a game of skill here and, therefore, you can enjoy this option of gambling legally. And while horse racing in Maharashtra is quite large, it is held at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse and Pune Racecourse in Mumbai. Betting can be done at any tort service outlet operated by the race course and licensed bookies. The background of betting on horses is that according to Section 115 BB of the Income Tax Act, 1961, any win in horse racing is subject to 30.90% tax,

Status on rummy, poker, flush and other card games

Rummy and poker are two card games considered a game of skill by the Supreme Court of India. In Maharashtra, it is legal to play these games, but there is no official law enforcing their legitimacy. Playing a game for real money in a club, for example, is considered illegal, while playing it at a friend's house or on a bus is fine. Many online rummy and poker sites available in India make it quite easy to wager on these games.


Maharashtra is one of many states where local gambling is prohibited, and where the line between legal and illegal is somewhat blurred. Also we are here to make sure that you can play safely and fairly with your money, that is why we just ask you to play online. The online gambling sites found on our website go through rigorous testing, and we are full of them.

Do not take unnecessary risks with illegal gambling in Maharashtra, instead play at online casinos in India using a foreign site.